Phone Services

Solidarity Strategies offers these phone campaign services:

  • Telephone Town-hall
  • Fundraising Calls
  • Patch Through Calls
  • Persuasion Calls
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV)calls
  • Live Identification (ID) Calls
  • Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) Calls
  • Robocalls

Strategy & Creative Process

Our phone campaigns are data-driven and effective, as they are fully aligned with our clients’ overall communications plan, helping deliver a compelling and efficient message. We are committed to providing same-day script writing, whether it means creating an initial draft for client review, or editing an existing script given to us by the client. Depending on the target audience, we advise on any disclaimers, origin numbers, or contact information critical to the legal implementation of the phone campaign.

Creative Process

Production & Quality Control

Phone campaign development is dependent on the type and scope of the desired call. We can set-up varying types of robocalls, including live answer only, live answer single question polls, live answer/answering machine, and live answer/answering machine transfer calls.

For robocalls, Solidarity has an internal robo-dialer that we can set to run a campaign within minutes so long as we have 1) the recorded message, 2) the list of phone numbers to call and 3) clearance within federal and state regulations.

We prioritize executing our phone campaigns in a timely fashion, and are committed to executing campaigns responsibly and legally. We notify our clients of our ability to carry out the phone campaign as soon as possible after receiving the initial campaign request.

Call Centers

Solidarity specifically uses union call centers for live and IVR calls. In keeping with our commitment to progressive and fair labor, each call center employs members of the Communications Workers of America and our call center in California is a woman-owned firm. Our relationship with our call centers as well as the CWA allows us to better accommodate expedited requests from our clients.

In addition, our California call center is fully bilingual and can complete live calls and IVRs in both Spanish and English.

Data Pricing

Solidarity can use both internal and/or external data for all calls. If our client has an account with Catalist, we will work with Catalist or the client’s internal data manager to pull the file. If the customer does not have an account with Catalist, Solidarity will use its partnership with Catalist to generate an ad hoc data file, and will bill for the data file at-cost.

Data Capture & Transmission

For each type of robocall, we will deliver all raw data in a secure format that can be uploaded to Catalist and/or our clients’ database. With each robocall phone campaign, we are able to provide data on call disposition, geographic distribution of calls, as well as call details, status, and duration in CSV, Excel, XML, or PDF formats.

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