Public Affairs

Solidarity Strategies will market your endeavors with its vast communications experience. We engage not only in National, State and local audiences, but in government contracts as well with our highly effective utilities. Our goal is to create a united front in order to mobilize and better inform the public about our clients, and with our 8(a) Certification our clientele will continue to grow. All of our marketing is done in house and ranges from developing strategic and long-term partnerships, all the way to social media outreach. Furthermore, we use public perception to build brands, get out the issue, and win elections. Our connections and experience with NGO’s, Labor Unions, PAC’s, Advocacy groups, Civil Rights Organizations, and now the Federal Government will continue to help us maintain a strong presence in both politics and policy.

We are here to help increase visibility by bringing the right publicity to your message. To accomplish this we will conduct research, determine the necessary actions to inform your chosen audience, and evaluate the best possible strategies to deliver your message.

Services offered by Solidarity Strategies

Strategic Latino Consulting Latino Marketing
National Advocacy Network Coalition Building
Printing Mailing
Telephone Town Hall Tele-Marketing
Robo and IVR Calls TV Production and Videos
Digital Ads Production and Placement Text Messaging Platform and Strategy
Mobile Marketing Email Marketing
Digital Marketing Optimization Graphic Design
Issue Advocacy Experts Latino Communications
National Campaign Infrastructure Buiding Strategic Partnerships
Translations Fundraising
Political Event Planning Bilateral Relationships
Latino Outreach Strategic Political Advising

mbe sba
Solidarity Strategies is an MBE & SBA Certified Firm