Solidarity Presents: Pursuing The Dream [Mini Documentary]

Initially Creative Director Luis Alcauter wanted to make a short project with interviews from DREAMers discussing the importance of DACA. Then RoAchMotelMedia entered into the picture and persuaded the Art Director to turn it into a full fledged documentary, or Mini DACA-mentary as they came to call it. And to also release it near Inauguration Day

This new idea formed to tell the story of DACA, while still using the interviews to get across its importance to the many communities it has effected. With the help of United We Dream, Narrated by Luis and featuring interviews from members of CASA and ALAS the dream came together. An educational video about the history of Deferred Action, right up until the day Trump is sworn in.

Discussing the potential downfall of the program at the hands of Donald Trump is handled delicately, as none are aware of how that will turnout. Those interviewed give their best advice on what to do moving forward and expertly get the issues across in the 11 minute 30 second runtime.

The title came from the Dream Act and DREAMers from across the nation of all colors and creeds pursuit of the American Dream
~Team Solidarity