Solidarity Strategies Breaks Brown Barriers

Solidarity Strategies Breaks Brown Barriers.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am extremely humbled to have written a piece for Campaigns & Elections Magazine that shares our involvement with the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign. You can read about our part in Sanders' political revolution here.

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When Jeff Weaver approached our firm, he wanted to form a Sanders campaign that reflected the diversity in the United States.  A request to translate Sanders’ website to Spanish flourished into a senior-level role, providing consulting on national voter contact. I know that Solidarity’s performance and high-quality work made us equals to Bernie’s senior team. We were never referred to as the "Latino consultants.” We were simply consultants who happened to be Latinos.

We are proud of the key role we played in a presidential campaign -- a role that led us to this year’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where we witnessed a historic presidential nomination.

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But as my team and I return home from Philadelphia, we ask people to recognize the work that still needs to be made. We want our experience to serve as a call for change in how we hire consultants, specifically consultants of color, for campaigns.

In Solidarity,

Chuck Rocha

President & Founder