Solidarity Strategies partners with Latino media firm

I am happy to announce that you no longer have to hire traditional media firms to create your Spanish language TV ads. We hold nothing against traditional media firms. We just believe that if you’re going to communicate with the rising new-American electorate, then you should hire a firm that does not just translate the words of an ad from English to Spanish. Not only have we dedicated to this business for over 20 years, our staff is made up by a rich diversity of Latino backgrounds.

Solidarity Strategies has joined Valiente media as a partner in their firm. Solidarity will now offer complete media services to compliment our award-winning mail and phone programs.

Valiente media is a 100% Latino owned and operated media firm with global talent and major Spanish language operation capabilities. Composed of four bilingual Latino partners, Valiente is dedicated to help Democrats and progressive groups communicate effectively with the Spanish-speaking and bilingual communities. Without losing any emotional and cultural resonance in the process, Valiente specializes in translating messages and themes across languages and cultures. The partners include:

Colin Rogero, Managing Partner

Colin was born and raised in the Miami, FL, area and went to film school at UCLA. With over a decade of experience in international media and politics, his domestic work includes advertising and media for Latino Victory Fund, National Council of La Raza (NCLR), Immigration Action and Center for Community Change, among others. His international work includes campaigns in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras.

Cesar Salazar, Partner – Creative Director

Cesar hails from Colombia and will also be heading the international media department. Cesar has worked on media for clients such as Diageo, Virgin Moblie, BMW and MINI.

Juliana Casas, Partner – Art Director

Juliana, also from Colombia, is one of the most talented artists in the country. Juliana has done design work for several US clients including President Barack Obama, Jose Hernandez for Congress, John Delaney for Congress and Univision.

Below are a couple of samples of their work (click on the image to view the ad): 

Amanda Renteria

Immigration Reform

Solidarity is proud to now offer media services to our clients as we continue our commitment to minority owned businesses. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Much Love,


Chuck Rocha