Help Needed on the Border for Immigrant Children

Brothers and Sisters, 

Due to the surge of immigrant children at the border, shelters are in dire need of help due to limited resources. Solidarity Strategies is committed to helping the children and families that need food, clothes and shelter upon their arrival to the U.S. We encourage everyone to take action on one or more of the following ways listed below. Also, Solidarity Strategies office will be a drop off station for any donations. Our address is 1090 Vermont Ave NW in Washington D.C. Please let us know if you would like to donate any items.

Ways You Can Help The Humanitarian Crisis At the Border

There are three key ways that you can help the children & families who have arrived in the United States:

1. A monetary donation.

2. A donation of items the families need.

3. Your time.

If you would like to work with me to coordinate a larger drive in your town, please reply to me and my friend Lisa cc’d and we will work with you to come up with a plan.


Monetary Donations:

  • Checks made out to Catholic Charities Rio Grande Valley, P.O. Box 1306 San Juan, Texas 78589”  
  • Write “Immigration Crisis” on your memo. 


Item Donations:

  • You can visit for needed items, however please use your common sense. This is the next/only outfit these families will have until they figure out what’s next, they need comfortable clothes like jeans and shirts.  Additionally, there was definitely a shortage of women clothes and sports bras.  Lastly, blankets and sweaters for all ages are good because they go on a cold bus ride in many instances to far away states.
  • Mail donations to: Food Bank RGV, 724 N. Cage Boulevard, Pharr, TX, 78577.
  • The food bank then sorts and folds the items and then sends just what the shelter, Sacred Heart center, needs.
  • The best number to contact Food Bank RGV is: 956.682.8101.


Time Donation:

  • It’s summer, why not take a week off and come down and volunteer?  Just head down to McAllen and go to Sacred Heart church where the Catholic Charities is.  Sustainable volunteers are great because they become good trainers for new volunteers.

You can keep up with the Shelter on their FB page at: 


In Solidarity, 

Chuck Rocha

Fellow, Center for National Policy

President, Solidarity Strategies